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Spiritual Union I 1999


Spiritual Union I


Ernő Papp :

  • Korg X-3 sinthetysator, Song, Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Drums

István Kerekes :

  • pictures, dreams, inspiration...
  This is the first album ,

The story is: while I was observing his pictures I had decided to make music for each one.
So this is how Spiritual Union had been formed.
The album has not been ever published, but now you CAN listen to them here…Great, isn’t it??
The odd thing about it is the Korg piano I used , which I bought proudly but never have learnt to play it well…well, only its sound what made me excited very much till now.



Feature :

  • Anikó Potondi - vocal, Félni hagytál,
  • Zoltán Farkas - drums Félni hagytál, kentaur
  • György Turjánszki - Bassguitar, drumprograms Félni hagytál, Kentaur,Technoflying
  • Zsolt Koszegi - Lyrics Félni hagytál

The gate  
Deep Wtars  
Morning 07 00  
Félni Hagytál  
Hungary Like a Wolf  
The Born  
I Look  
New World  

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