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Close To the Sun 2002


Spiritual Union I


Ernő Papp :

  • Korg X-3 piano, Virus-B  V/A synth Fender strat, Yamaha guitarBass guitar Vocals, drum programs.

Kerekes István:

  • Pictures, dreams, inspiration...

Gulyás Attila:

  • Guitar solo in - Close to the sun
  This is the second album ,

associate with Attila Gulyás with endless membership.
The album is made by the book Kurt Vonnegut’s „ Sirens of Titan”.

This time the number of our fans increased up to 5 persons who dedicated the song ’Close to the sun’ as favorite absolutely. This album was not published either…

so click onto their name and get started them!



Feature :

  • Anikó Potondi -Vocal
  • Zoltán Farkas -Drums
  • Ágnes Follmer -Story-teller
  • Viktor Török -Lyrics

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